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Infinite Scroll extension is a plugin that turns you existing pagination into an infinite scrolling one, with ease. Its load the next page of products by AJAX after the end of the list. Onlinemoderate has developed an Infinite Scrollextension for Magento to improve the conversion rates of shops that list many articles.

Having a lot of products in a category can make it problematic for customers to see your entire collection of products. The ordinary way of navigating over the classification, using pagination, adds extra work for the customer. When the user originates to the end of the page, they have to manually click “Next Page” to see a fresh new set of grades. Why not eliminate that friction and capability the next page automatically?

·        Can be enabled and disabled easily from the controlling area

·        Can repeatedly load the next page of products on scrolling, or with a button.

·        Removes avoidable page elements, such as the paging switch and the bottom most toolbar, when allowed

·        Works with layered navigation 

What does infinity scrolling do?

In all-out shops, you will find a standard style of pagination like "".

In its place of this kind of pagination, Infinite Scroll for Magento continuously loads more pages as the user scrolls down and thus creates a much smoother user experience.